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Do I need to join Women Belong in order to attend a Circle?

We encourage guests to attend in order to get a feel for the groups. A guest may attend up to three Circles a maximum of two (2) times in a calendar year as a visitor (six total visits).

What is the Guest Policy and who needs to follow it?

Our guest policy applies to guests, substitutes, Compass members, and Circle and/or Core visiting a Circle other than the one they hold membership. A guest may attend a maximum of two (2) times per circle for no greater than six (6) total visits in a calendar year.

What does it mean that the Circles are 'category exclusive'?

Category exclusive means that we will only have one member per circle in each job category. For example, circles will only have one realtor, one dentist, one plumber, one jewelry rep, etc. This allows members in a given Circle to make better referrals by getting to know one representative in each category.

If I apply for membership when do I find out if its been accepted?

Once you submit your online application your membership is final unless we can not place you in a circle. If there is an issue with your membership you will be contacted within 7 days.

Can I start a new circle?

Absolutely! If you don’t see a circle with a day, time, or location that works for you please consider starting a new circle. You can submit a request through our online form. All requests will be reviewed and approval will be at the discretion of Women Belong.

Where can I find a copy of the membership rules?

A copy of the membership rules can be found at www.womenbelong.com/rules.

How do I change circles or membership levels?

Changes to your circle or membership level will need to be requested by email. Please contact membership@womenbelong.com. Do not email your credit card information. Email only the details regarding the requested change and a phone number where you can be reached to finalize payment if necessary. Changes are not guaranteed.

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